The Integration of Christianity into Aryanism (Markets in Everything)

Germanization of Christianity serves as the extension of ARYAN commercial behavior (markets in everything) into all walks of life public and private.

But what requirements in exchange? Integration.

And without integration?  Ostracization from the value of markets in everything.

You must integrate fully, leave, or die.


3 responses to “The Integration of Christianity into Aryanism (Markets in Everything)”

  1. Have you no sense of irony? Can you not see that this is merely mohamadenism dressed up in arianism? I mean this is lifted right out of the fetid dreams of a will to power caliph.

    Your “markets” will be no more than looting operations.

    The Catholic Church has seen a very long line of petit tyrants and seen them off.

    You are in no position to dictate terms to the Catholic Church.

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