Via Negativa Goods: Intolerance

Nick Heywood on Via Negativa: Intolerance

We don’t need tolerance in a culturally homogeneous, high trust, society bound by self evident (Common sense) principles. There’s nothing to tolerate!

Therefore, “Western Tolerance” is a myth.

Used by those seeking to acquire the power, the individual and sovereign once possessed.

To surrender their principles, values, sovereignty and culture.

This leads to decisional confusion. There are no limits with in which decisions can be made.

Confusions reigns!

And it worked!

By Bob Moran on Via Negativa: Intolerance.

Tolerance as a virtue is a deception.

Everything we care for we build and protect with INTOLERANCE.

If you want your company to succeed, you don’t tolerate incompetence.

If you want a degree to be worth something, you don’t tolerate idiots.

If you want your family to to be safe, you don’t tolerate a random hobo coming in your house.

Intolerance is a tool against entropy; we separate the good from the bad. Remove it, and everything will immediately start to decay and turn to dust.


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