What Will It Take To Stop The Dominance Of America Over The World And Reduce It To A Weaker Nation?

The USA had superior genetics, culture, and institutions because it was created as an incremental improvement over the early modern British society in which Americans attempted to leave behind both the ‘rents’ of the monarchy, nobility and church, as well as the costs of the less capable, less industrious and the poor. In other words, the USA used a new continent to create a purely middle class society without the burdens of carrying the dead weight of the underclass or rentier class. It was a grant experiment in the exercise of a constitution of Natural Law: markets in everything.

The USA has a superior economy only because the sale of an enormous continent via the housing market to generations of immigrants, is so profitable, and the sale of consumer goods to those generations of households is so profitable, and such an important part of the economy. And in particular the use of the dollar as a reserve currency has allowed the USA to produce debt in excess of all historical imagination.

In addition, while the second phase of the enlightenment and the second industrial revolution were occurring in germany prior to 1914, during and after the war, the USA was able to obtain a disproportionate number of german intellectuals, their engineers and technology, as well as the british empire’s regulation of world finance and trade, as well as the use of the dollar rather than the Pound as the primary currency of the world, thereby transferring military power from london to Washington DC, and transferring financial power from London to New York, Industrial power to the ‘rust belt’ and demographic power in the form of very cheap labor to the entire country.

So between conquering and selling off a new continent, inheriting the most advanced culture, legal, and political institutions on earth from the British, inheriting the most advanced technology in the form of the agrarian and industrial revolutions from the british, inheriting the British Empire, and its Finance and Banking, and inheriting the second industrial and intellectual revolution from Germany, America was, at least for the past seventy years, much like a college kid inheriting his fortune, able to afford the kind of world ‘travel’ (dominance) that is almost impossible in history. That is, despite the long expensive war against the next wave of Abrahamism that we call Marxism, Communism, Socialism, Postmodernism, and Islam and the attempts to resist the re-impoverishment of europe that we call Fascism and Nationalism.

Yet all of these advantages are coming to an end. In the process of resisting Abrahamism, Marxism, Communism, Socialism, Postmodernism,and now Political Islam, the USA and the UK have distributed consumer capitalism and its institutions, rule of law and its institutions, industrial technology, consumer technology, medical technology, and scientific technology to the rest of the world. And in doing so collapsed her advantage.

Meanwhile America, since 1964, using policy implemented by American Abrahamists, Marxists, Communists, and Socialists, and Postmodernists, via their takeover of the Democratic party, have immigrated vast numbers of the underclasses without requiring them to integrate into anglo cultural norms, destroyed the black community through soviet relocation programs from the farms to the cities, and destroyed the black, hispanic, white underclass, and now white working class families through no fault divorce, child support, and alimony, thereby impoverishing generations rather than raising them into middle class institutions, culture, and ethics.

The past Obama administration has used immigrants and relocation programs to further undermine our suburban and rural communities just as the six major immigrant cities have been reduced to european style circular slums sandwiched between a white and asian suburbia and an elite financial and service sector in the urban core.

The Traditionalists defended against the Abrahamists by cheap home ownership loans that cause people to act traditionally, the financialization of the economy in order to ally business, industry, and finance against the Abrahamists, and the exporting of production out of the country, and to expand free trade in order to increase profits, to break the coalition between the unions and the Abrahamists, and impoverish the academy and the state.

Between the import of vast underclasses, and the export of working class production, and the increase in financialization rewarding elites, and white flight from the cities, the united states is both on the verge of imperial exhaustion, financial collapse, and demographic and cultural civil war.

So from all these factors America is no longer able to maintain the “Anglo Empire” because for both economic and demographic reasons the left has been successful in undermining the American experiment, while the “traditional americans” attempt to drag the world out of superstition, ignorance, poverty, tyranny, and disease, one expensive civilization at a time has been successful at the cost of neutralizing western cultural, institutional, and technological advantage (the same as happened to Rome).

The future, which we see occurring right now, is the withdraw of America from the world stage, and the restoration of a balance of great powers, each of which represents the major civilizations, and each civilization of which is represented by a core state.

At present, I can only hypothesize, but it appears the anglo civilization will converge, the european civilization will converge, the russians will continue to attempt to restore Orthodox civilization as soon as the anglos retreat, the chinese will end their relative isolation and restore their ancient levels of influence, and together those great civilizations will attempt to contain and then domesticate political islamic civilization by the promotion of one or two core states to civilizational status among the great powers in exchange for domesticating neighboring nations.

in fact, the USA’s defense is all that is protecting islamic expansion from russian, indian, chinese retaliation.

We are returning to normal.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine


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