Why Are So Few Scientists Libertarian? Is There An Element Of Government Funding That Has Been Indispensable For The Advances In Science We Have Seen Since The Last Century?

Have you noticed how few intellectuals are libertarians? Have you noticed that oddly, all books on libertarianism are entry level, and none of them advanced?

Libertarianism had an early flowering in the sixties and seventies. But by the 80s almost all had abandoned it, and at present only the few people associated with the Mises Institute’s pseudoscientific propaganda remain. The reason being that it’s a dead end.

The general intellectual progress through the ideologies is Classical Liberal (Hayek/Haslitt) > Libertarian (Rothbard) > Anarcho Capitalist (Hoppe) > Dark Enlightenment (Mencius) > Propertarianism (Strictly Constructed Natural Law Classical Liberalism)


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