Postmodernism: Kill The Income Stream And Kill The Idea

(defund the left)

1) The Easy Part.
– End Copyright – Convert to Creative Commons.
– Restore fighting – (Duel) restore retaliation on gossip, and ridicule
– Defamation – restore all defamation, including speculation.
– Truthfulness – defense of informational commons.
– University bears Responsibility for Student Loans

This will destroy the left’s ability to exist. Because the left requires parasitism and lying to persist.

2) Providing Incentive for People to Vote for it.
– Interest on Fiat Credit – Eliminate consumer interest. Convert all interest to state revenue.

3) Then the difficult part:
Direct Democracy – Proportional or Not. Require Majority of Genders, Majority of Tribes. As families with one vote we had common interests the differences between which were resolved external to government: in the family. As individuals we must restore the un-commonality of interests by increasing the houses for genders and tribes, as we split the interests of classes and regions.

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