Truthful Argument With Fictionalists

“If we are engaging in negotiation or argument, we want to know if we can cooperate with you. We prefer to cooperate with you only because cooperation in the long term is more rewarding than predation in the short term. The strategy of my people is maneuver: speed in adaptation. As such we practice Heroism, Sovereignty(Reciprocity), Contract, and Testimonial Truth. And because Maneuver using Heroism, Sovereignty, Contract, and Testimonial truth are the most expensive method of cooperation, it is only in our interest to cooperate with you if you can at least participate in Contract and Testimonial Truth. Otherwise, because of our use of Maneuver, by the high costs of Sovereignty, Contract, and Testimonial Truth, it is preferable to defeat you, kill or enslave, and take from you that which we cannot obtain by cooperation under contract and testimonial truth, rather than pay the unnecessary cost of your violation of contract, and your use of deceit. And so in negotiation and argument, if you cannot practice full reciprocity of sovereignty, and constrain yourself to that which you can testify to, then you are incapable of contract for reciprocal sovereign cooperation. And as such we need not discourse, only fight. So no, when you call upon your gods, you cannot testify to them because you cannot demonstrate them, only lie about them. While, if I call upon reason, I can demonstrate reason, and demonstrate all that follows from my reason, or I would not enter it into sovereign, reciprocal, discourse, negotiation, and debate. So if you rely upon that which you cannot demonstrate, then you cannot testify to it, and therefore you are incapable of truth, and therefore incapable of contract, and for these reasons we must, given no other choice, fight, defeat, kill or enslave, and take from you what we cannot obtain by cooperation.”

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