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Cooperation, whether personal, commercial, political, or military, is only valuable until it is not valuable personally, familially, tribally, or nationally, or not valuable organizationally or politically.

Cooperation is not an intrinsic good any more than violence is an intrinsic bad. They are just useful or not in producing goods and bands.

When cooperation is no longer beneficial, then boycott is in one’s interest. When boycott is no longer beneficial then predation is in one’s interest. And while it is very common that cooperation and boycott are often more valuable, there are many conditions under which violence is preferable to boycott or cooperation.

This is the left’s mistake. This is the state’s mistake. This is most everyone’s mistake.

Never has an empire been so fragile.

Revolutions are always suspect in prospect but deterministic in retrospect.

The question is – can I deprive those with the interest in change of confidence in all alternatives such that they will work in very small groups to bring about constitutional, political, and civil change?

I think so. Desperation will sink in. When desperate, and with vision of the future, and a plan of action, it’s all possible.

Trivial even.


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