What Are The Hard Truths That People Don’t Like To Admit About Themselves?

  • 80% of people are in the bottom 80% of people.
  • <20% of people organize the bottom 80%.
  • <1% of people organize the remaining top 20%.
  • <.1% of people are ‘important’ to organizing the top 1%.
  • People are not intrinsically valuable, because labor is not intrinsically valuable.
  • We are compensated by others for our ability to use incentives to organize increasing numbers people.
  • About 1/3 of people at the bottom are a dead weight on the remaining 2/3 of people.
  • In other words, with rare exceptions, you are important only to the degree you do not harm or interfere with the 20% of people that matter.
  • the people that matter most are those that prevent everyone from impeding, acting parasitically upon, or preying upon, others: the sheriffs the judges – without whom the competition between parasitism and cooperation balances in favor of corruption.


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