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I love my people. And it’s pretty hard to Improve upon germanic and nordic men, and our germanic and nordic woman can be beautiful. But damn. Slavic women are just so much better looking that it makes an upper middle class american suburb look like an animal farm. And yes, a LOT of it is weight. But, (a) while many of us from England were from the middle and upper middle genetic classes, the vast number of american immigrants were not. And while we were able to let loose the constrained human capital of lower middle and lower class europeans, the asymmetry of reproduction between the classes has been obvious.

Civil life in New England is quite civil so to speak. It’s still a copy of Little England in many ways – save for the effeminate lack of confidence endemic to postwar brits. our men are still manly by british terms if not russian. Thanks to a working class.

The cities are all wastelands.

The working class male preserves masculinity because he must.

The white collar effeminate male lacking military service civic responsibility and a brood of children is a threat to society.

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