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Oliver Westcott Asks:
—“Is Propertarianism a preference for liberty (property and markets in everything) under a system of natural law? (in which case it seems most of what you do is argue for natural law. Not Propertarianism per se.)

Or, is Propertarianism the only way to sustain an order of natural law? Or both?

Because it struck me Propertarianism is an ideology (nothing wrong with that necessarily, and in my view if it were an ideology, and if ideologies are necessary, then it’s the one I’d choose). Where as natural law is just science.”—

The suite of ideas we call Propertarianism out of habit consist of

The completion of the scientific method:
Action (Metaphysics)
Propertarianism(ethics of cooperation),
Compatibilism (sociology),
Communication (grammars of negotiation),
Testimonialism (Epistemology)
Algorithmic Natural Law (Law)
Market Commons (Politics)
Group Evolutionary Strategy (Cooperativism)
War (post cooperative strategy)
Aesthetics (beauty)

Of these, the principle insight is Testimonialism, which explains and completes the scientific method. I then applied the scientific method to every discipline from metaphysics to war and aesthetics.

With this system one can create ANY political order one wishes, doing so truthfully. Any one of them. Anywhere on the spectrum. But truthfully.

I (we) then use this understanding to advocate for western high trust, high velocity, transcendent, order, simply because it is the very best of those orders, because it consistently and rapidly defeats the red queen (competition from man and nature) and because only ethnic Europeans appear to be able to produce it. That order of western civilization I refer to as either the ‘Aryan’ or the Aristocratic (meritocratic) Egalitarianism (open to constant expansion of new members). Both terms meaning the same thing: meritocratic rotation in constant pursuit of greater numbers.

I know it is almost impossible for followers of propertarianism to distinguish between the simple scientific method that makes our traditions, their intuitions and our instincts into rational and scientific arguments that we can use: Propertarianism – and the group evolutionary strategy that we use – aristocracy: markets of meritocracy in everything: Aryanism, or Aristocratic Egalitarianism.

But it is hard and we must distinguish them.

An ideology provides an emotional incentive to act in favor of political change under democracy.

A philosophy provides a means of system of decidability in a domain of interest.

A science provides a means of decidability regardless of interest or preference (Philosophy or Ideology).

1) Propertarianism is a Science.
2) Aristocratic Egalitarianism is a Philosophy.
3) Aryanism is a group evolutionary strategy.

And they are all perfectly compatible.

Curt Doolittle

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