Political Biases Are Merely Reproduction In Action

Here. I’ve combined Kashif’s experiential and my operational diagrams.

Personally I simply see one axis and three implementations: 1) reproductive strategy, 2) vocabulary, and 3) temporality.

We all justify our reproductive strategies. Our reproductive strategy biases our temporal perception in the division of perception, cognition, negotiation, advocacy, and labor. Our Grammar expresses our negotiation in that division of perception that suits our reproductive strategy.

We all need a portfolio of decidability. Our decidability is reducible to our reproductive strategy, compromised by our survival and operating strategy.

I think the hard thing to imagine is the dream state (associating) action state (planning) spectrum. How action oriented or experience oriented we are. If you put that as a fourth criteria it would probably mirror the solipsistic autistic spectrum that mirrors the construction of female to male brains.

Nature works with a very small number of rules that can be used to create complexity through vast permutation. As far as I know all human behavior consists of the prey drive, from which we evolved the mating drive, the cooperating drive is an extension of the mating drive, and the linguistic drive (order) is an outgrowth of the cooperating drive.

From simple things emerge complexity.

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