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(FYI: A square root only has meaning as an intermediary state in a multi-state operation – it requires humans. Nature cannot store an intermediary state. “Nature can compute but cannot calculate.” However, squares and fibonacci sequences as well as many other ‘primitive’ operations permit stateless continuous growth by a single, primitive, purely additive operation. We can then reverse engineer that operation to determine that the operation changes state whenever the charge is squared. But that is a DEDUCTION (calculation). Nature works in one direction: entropy.

Sometimes I feel that we should start all math courses with a verbal description of non-linear dynamics and multi-scale analysis and then work our way backward into mathematics, which we reconstruct as ratios of constant relations. Then people would understand that we’re trying to describe complex phenomenon, and to do that we have either know the underlying operations that cause the construction of different phenomenon, or we have to express the result (average) of those operations as geometries (lines).

We use lines (geometry) to simplify the work of identifying causal operations.

Given the way we teach math today (as fictionalism), it’s a miracle as many people make it to calculus as do so.

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