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Anarchism, particularly the anarchism of Chomsky (Left), Marxist (Left) and Rothbard (Right), seek to continue the ethics of pastorialism (escape from territorial capital investment) against the ethics of agrarianism (Territorial capital investment). Just as Cain and Able represented the Agrarian Urban and the Rural Pastoralists. Just as abrahamism rallied the underclasses against the military, territorial aristocracy. Just as the pastoralist rallied against the middle eastern (and all other ancient) civilizations.

it takes a great deal of knowledge to unwind the nonsense of Chomsky’s political discourse, which relies almost entirely on overloading by various appeals to pre-rational mind, combined with conflation, cherry picking, and fictionalism (fabrication).

Abrahamism v1 – Rebellion against the Semitic Rulers.
Abrahamism v2 – Rebellion against the Ancient World Rulers.
Abrahamism v3 – Rebellion against the Modern World Rulers.

The fundamental question, is why the so called disaporic Anarchists (Pastoralists) were (a) unable to build an advanced technological civilization. And (b) while aristocratic civilization dragged mankind out of ignorance and poverty in the Pre-historic, Ancient, and Modern worlds.

With the first dark age caused in the bronze age collapse by barbarian immigration and the invention of expansionary religion.
With the second dark age collapse caused by abrahamic re-invention of legal religion. (Judaism > Christianity > Islam), and barbarian immigration.
With the third dark age (starting post-darwin) caused by the abrahamic reinvention of pseudoscientific religion (marxism > Socialism > Postmodernism).

But all that is happening here is that the regressive (feminine) peoples are rebelling against the progressive (masculine) peoples. And they do so for a reason: the dirty secret of western civilization is that by the application of ‘markets in everything’ they create the most eugenic civilization possible – by meritocracy.

The dirty secret of the left (regressive feminine) is that it’s dysgenic and devolutionary.

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