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—“Is cooperation with the natural dominance (competence) hierarchy more rewarding than predation or boycott?”— Oliver Wescott

||Unaware-no_oppy > Aware-oppy(Boycott, Cooperation, Predation)

The profitability of any set of interactions is contingent upon the time value of boycott, cooperation, or predation, in some combination.

In general, boycott preserves opportunity for future cooperation, cooperation increases the opportunity for future cooperation, and predation decreases the opportunity for future cooperation.

In general, the value of predation increases with the advantage of some form of power, the chance of success, and the sustainability of a pool of available prey. The value of predation decreases with the chance of failure or retaliation, and the unsustainability of a pool of available prey.

As an economic system, the domestication of the animal man (aryanism) which applied the domestication of animals to humans through the developmental sequence slave > serf > freeman > citizen > sovereign, was the most successful in history.

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