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We should thank female hypergamy for our existence. It’s just not a strategy adapted to a society without adult males.

The feminine endgame is not the c*ck carousel but to be a nurturing mother, grandmother and wife. A woman’s strategy to reach that place is hypergamy; to attract as much male attention and company as possible, as flagrantly as is permitted, so that she competitively maximizes her market demand as well as the market availability of males, until she is taken in possession by a deserving patriarch.

It gets ugly when there are no such males. Hypergamy is not a stable evolutionary strategy without male dominance, which has been a ubiquitous feature of human existence, throughout and beyond the time of our existence.

Sans the role of the responsible father and husband, males get to choose between being a beta cuck and an irresponsible thug. I know which one is reproductively more successful when contraception runs short — no, the future is not feminine.

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