America: The Land Of Drugging Yourself.

If america is a ‘good’ culture, why then do we have illegal drug problems, why do we drug our children to keep them in school, why are 40% of women on drugs, why are opiates such a problem (and why is pain), and why are almost all our senior citizens drugged?

1) women (mothers, wives, girlfriends) serve as the human drug of preference and there is a shortage of their attention.
2) Americans are oppressively lonely because of the left’s destruction of the family.
3) Under-Socialization because of ‘diversity’ and ‘school’.
3) Weight from bad diets causes cumulative pain (slow death).
4) Lack of movement and exercise.

if you are in the upper middle class or higher minority then it’s all well and good, because you aren’t fat, have lots of friends with shared values, are married, have a family, and get some exercise.

Otherwise you ‘die slowly’ while ‘drugging’ yourself with entertainment (television etc), sedating foods, alcohol, drugs, and possessions.

The fact that things feel good tells you nothing about whether they ARE in fact good. Many terribly bad things feel good.

There are no shortcuts to fresh food, walking for an hour a day, quiet sleep, the security and mindfulness of family, the cheap and enduring entertainment of friends with shared values, and a sufficient nest egg so that you can tolerate a year or more of ‘being unproductive’ (unemployed).

The problem is, that each of those demands (the purchase and preparation of fresh food, an hour of walking, 8 hours of solid sleep, a family, friends, and a nest egg, require a great deal of time, attention, shared values – and we have traded the time of women in the production of THOSE goods, for the redistribution of reproduction to the competitors and the dysgenic underclasses, the poverty of men in old age, and the ‘drugging’ of people to compensate for it.

The value of increasing productivity was important during the era of transition from subsistence existence and limited mass production to consumer capitalism (consumption) and extraordinary mass production.

But we have made that transition and the apparent ‘goods’ of the 19th century have been maximized (obviously) and there is no longer any value to increases in production or productivity.

Thats an empirical statement given the demand for drugs in our civilization versus others.

Continual culling of the lower classes through suppression of their reproduction, and increases in redistribution to remaining kin will restore the balance that was made possible by the rise of europeans in the ancient and modern worlds.

I love my people. And BAD PEOPLE with GOOD INTENTIONS have caused the infantilization of our civilization’s classes most dependent upon ‘beneficial norms’.

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