Gpu’s And Topological Data Structures

Via Kashif Vikaas

I suppose that its not common knowledge but we were doing this back in 2006, and if you’re going to store data in manifolds (topologies) of N-dimensions of relations, then you can used various pathing algorithms and even possibly N-dimensional visibility algorithms to search content far faster than any existing technology.

This was our intention with Runcible’s technology.

It was just too early and I realized that it was billion dollar research and development effort that I am not intellectually or emotionally of Financially or physically capable of managing without multiple nervous breakdowns. lol

The problem at the time was storing data in each geometry but I think that’s teh difference between indexes and content, and that we should view geometric search engines as indexes of n-dimensional relations.

If you have some vague understanding of what I’m saying here, this is why I understood that (a) actions, and (b) vitruvian semantics, grammar and syntax (metaphysics, and (c) Property in toto, provided computational commensurability in an unclosed data store.

Why? Because for humans to understand anything it must be reduced to an analogy to experience, and as such human perception limits serve as a set of units of measure of all of reality.

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