Liberals, Libertarians, And Conservatives.

– Just read **The Righteous Mind** by Jonathan Haidt.
– Then read **The Essential Difference **by Simon Baron Cohen.
– Then read **Thinking Fast and Slow **by Daniel Kahneman.
– Then read **Explaining Postmodernism** by Stephen Hicks.

(a) liberalism (female-child: parasitism upon capital), libertarianism (marginal male: innovation in capital), conservatism (established male: conservation of capital) differences in moral perception are genetically granted to us and reinforced by a lifetime of experience.

(b) Conservatives can understand everyone but disagree. Libertarians can understand themselves and conservatives. Liberals (leftists) can only understand themselves.

(c) Liberals argue in psychologists, consensus over truth, and blame (short term consumption). LIbertarians argue in truth, voluntarism, and economics(medium term production, and profits.) Conservatives argue in intertemporal and unfortunately vague terms (“what happens if everyone does this?”) When they should be arguing in the language of capital.

(c) we have very little control over altering this process as it’s a reproductive necessity

(d) By specializing in the reproductive, productive, and capital time cycles, we divide the labor of sense-perception, work, and advocacy, and by voluntary cooperation we calculate the optimum possible at any given moment, without having to understand ‘everything from everyone’s position in the demand cycle.”

In simple terms, the female and underclass reproductive strategy is to control reproduction, production, and evolution by dysgenia, and the male is to control them by eugenia. And until we can look darwin in the face, we will continue to battle between the female/preisthood/underclass, and the male/aristocracy/middle class forever.

The history of western civilization’s successin the prehistoric, ancient, and modern worlds is that we have, aside from the chinese, produced the most eugenic civilization. So much so that by the late middle ages, we had dramatically shifted the median of the population more fully into the emiddle classes than any in history (not counting the distribution under slavery)>

For most of the 18–19th and up until … max of 1940, there was underutilized human capital in european civilization. But since about 1940, if not 1890, that’s not been true. Most of the remaining undeveloped world is burdened by an excessively left distributed underclass that is not underutilized, and possibly cannot now be utilized. The reason being that we have gone from many multiples of return on investment to a maximum of about ten, and this appears to be a declining trend.

So the future, with a huge underclass, leaves only really, Japan and maybe coastal china, safe from the hordes.

Liberalism has been a cancer.

We had the perfect government:
0 – A Universal Militia (shareholders whose share was purchased by risk)
1 – A judge of last resort (king)
2 – An independent judiciary and rule of law under the law of reciprocity.
3 – A house for each of the natural classes (church, commons, nobility, king)
4 – And a market for polities, commons, production, reproduction, cooperation, and association.

And we blew it. Democracy was nothing but a means of bourgeois seizure of power. And the long term transformation from rule of law, to rule by credit.

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