My Universe Scientific And Philosophical

1 – Empiricist (scientist, naturalist)
2 – Operationalist (post-analytic[set] philosophy)
3 – Nomocratist (Rule of Law)
4 – Propertarian (Market Fascist)
5 – Monarchist (Judge of Last Resort)
6 – Pagan ( Universe, Nature, Ancestors, Nation, King[royal family] )
7 – Ethnic Nationalist (Universal. For all peoples. Nations are markets that can fail.)

I view economic schools as class philosophies using various forms of pseudoscience. The underclasses need serfdom, the lower classes need socialism(managed labor), the middle classes need markets, the R&D people need subsidy, and the aristocratic people need to create socialism, markets, and rule of law that make both possible.
These are just facts.
Austrian economics = Jewish economics (favoring the lender at everyone’s expense.).
Chicago economics = anglo rule of law economic (favoring the entrepreneur.) Possibly the best solution.
Keynesian Economics = Marxism v2, favoring the laborer and consumer at the expense of the society and civilization.
Everything else isn’t economics.
The only economics consists of rule of law, and supply of institutions that serve the necessities of the demographic.

1 – Conservative (Aristocracy – Meritocracy. Tripartism.)
2 – Tripartarian (Inequality. The natural hierarchy of the prisoner/slave/serf, laboring/commercial/financial, legal/military, and scientific/philosophical classes.)
3 – Reactionary (Anti-Abrahamist. Every one of the enlightenment programs has failed in social science and politics, and has succeeded only in replacing the Abrahamic superstition, with Abrahamic Psuedo-science, and Institutionalized lying by gossip.)

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