Overloading Works. Period.

—“I know of people who DO know what [Marxian] dialectics means. They have elaborated a dialectical method in the form of an “algorithmic heuristic”, based upon an axiomatized ‘mathematics of dialectics’, which is both a ‘contra-Boolean algebra’ of dialectical logic, and a “non-standard model” of “Natural” Numbers arithmetic.”— Miguel Deton

It’s called ‘Pilpul’. (Look it up) Like Numerology, Astrology, Scriptural Interpretation, Legal Interpretation, Marxism-Freudianism-Boazian Pseudoscience, and Postmodernisms, Meaning, the use of overloading to find excuses for any given status quo. Or we have another word for it: “The struggle to produce Fictionalisms”.

As marx himself said, (I paraphrase) “If I am wrong, I can blame it on dialectic.” In other words, he was, like freud, boaz, and the entire frankfurt school, a fabricator (fictionalist). A desirable fiction. But a fiction none the less.

Those lacking agency desire to create narrative falsehoods that give them the presumption of hope. It’s a mere psychological device. A form of mindfulness that humans have evolved in order to comfort themselves for having been born a failed experiment in evolution’s randomness.

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