Shock And Confrontation Awareness

by William L. Benge

I’m not sure I would describe myself as one of the brightest. Having said that, I still was able to grasp at every point how **Curt is using shock value as a vehicle for confrontation.***

Of course, I came to the table with an appreciation for these sorts of tools. So rather than be reactionary I found myself aware of the context, discerned the utility in the tactic, and, not seeing need to emote, continued contemplating the content.

Western adult males cannot be coddled and if the few feel entitled to naps and safe spaces, you can be assured no one here is going to accommodate that.

Will we eventually drop the shock and awe tactic? Of course. But tthink of it in terms of a test of sincerity for the time being.

You see, I did pass that test. I asked no one to lower standards in my behalf. But perhaps I am unduly advantaged. You see, I inherited my western ethos from my father, as he did his. I simply come from stock who are strong and willing to tough it out, prove themselves and fight their way through. This do or die persistence, selflessness, cannot help but always prevail to some gain, because it is evidence by action of a man’s fitness for the times, for this time or anytime.

Can we say the same for those who await coddling and softness?

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