The Ship Of Theseus

The question (riddle) is designed to confuse the difference between a necessary truth and a useful reference. In human language identity = differentiation (five senses), ownership (property), substitutability (restitution), scarcity( countability), possibility, permissibility. If one uses the word “is” in a philosophical question you know you’re the victim of deception. If one proposes a question in operational language then no paradoxes exist. If we clone the ship the referent remains the same. If we replace the ship’s constituent parts and no not restore them to original condition, then it’s the same referent. In other words, we develop these reference to via negativa prevent error and deception. The identity (referent) of the ship is established by first construction (homesteading). Just as ownership is established by first conversion( homesteading). Ergo, empirically, humans treat referents as property, and abuse of referents as a form of theft (deception.)

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