Will You Understand Propertarianism?

—“when your book comes out can you please make sure it’s not full of vacuous complex terminology that doesn’t mean anything. I want to read and understand it”— A Friend

So let me ask you.
Who is my audience?
The people who already agree with me?
The people who want to understand, explain, and defend the causes of the excellences of western civilization?
The people who want to conduct arguments to defend it?
The people who want to understand the constitution that we need to restore and preserve it?
The people who want to understand how to construct natural law within that constitution?
The people who want to debate other philosophers and intellectuals and prevent another intellectual attack on western civilization by various abrahamists?
The people who want to understand what we need to do to win a civil war for our civilization?

Or all of the above?

Which of those are you?

(a) You will never understand all of it – it will take me the rest of my life, and longer if I had it, to understand the implications myself. (b) Nothing I write is vacuous it’s just meaningless to you because you can’t use those parts of it – you don’t have the knowledge. (c) However you can use only those parts you understand. (d) Those parts you need to understand are simple enough to understand.

Seeking excellence(dominance), over emotion, mind, man, beast, nature, and the universe, western man invented the combination of technology, heroism, truth, agency and sovereignty in a semi professional voluntary militia regardless of the impact on the status hierarchy, and as a consequence, western man required reciprocity, and reciprocity requires markets in everything as the only possible means of cooperation. Markets calculate and adapt to change faster than all other social orders, and as such western man evolved faster than the rest, including, and especially because markets are eugenic, and western superiority is the result of eugenic distribution less burdened by the dead weight of the underclasses. However, we were defeated in the ancient world by the abrahamic lies, dysgenic reproduction and dysgenic immigration, and we are being defeated in the current age by abrahamic lies, dysgenic reproduction, and dysgenic immigration. In order to restore our civilization and defeat abrahamism, displacemet, and dysgenia we must only restore that natural law of reciprocity by the construction of a constitution of natural aw, and the restoration of the militia as the distributed dictatorship of natural law.

The fundamental insight of my work is the completion of the scientific method and its application to all of human thought, thereby making it possible to prohibit abrahamic deception – in literary, financial forms, political, and religious forms, in this era and all of those that follow.

And to license the use of violence to do so. Outlawing all those means by which the west was defeated in the ancient world and this one: not by violence, but by lies, financialization, immigration, and dysgenic devolution.

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