Yes, If You Want And Need Socialism, We Want You To Have It.

I agree. If you want a socialist, equalitarian, discretionary rules society you should create and live in a socialist discretionary rule society. I agree, if you want an aristocratic, meritocratic, rule of law society, then those of us who want that should live in an aristocratic society.

So let’s just agree that the big sort is doing this for us anyway, and divide the country up along the obvious lines that exist by voting patterns, and then live in the societies we want.

The order of europe was successful because it consisted of small, culturally homogenous states.

So lets create a europe of north america and then we can stop fighting about it.

Now, the only reason you can say ‘no’ is greed and oppression of one another. And if you want to do that then I’ guess the only solution is war.

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