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–“Scientific Proof Is A Myth. We can demonstrate, suggest, and convince ourselves that a scientific truth is valid. But proof? That’s an impossibility for science.”—

This is the dumbest bit of idiocy I’ve heard in quite some time.

Priests, Philosophers, and lawyers, create JUSTIFICATIONS of compliance with scripture, text, moral pretense, or law.

Mathematicians construct PROOFS of the possibility of deducibility using the preservation of constant relations, by the preservation of ratios.

Scientists accumulates FALSIFICATIONS. Science doesn’t construct proofs or justifications. It accumulates produces, and provides alternative opportunities for investigation.

All non trivial knowledge is contingent. Science collects evidence that tells us what is not true. The purpose of science is to end ignorance, error, bias, and deceit, by the continuous reduction through falsification. Conversely, the purpose of justification is to make excuses for priors.

One justifies as one makes excuses for one’s actions.
One constructs proofs as a merchant weights goods on a scale.
One falsifies as a sculpture chisels away stone.

We never know what is true. We just know what is false, or what cannot be claimed to be true. Excuses may be valid but they are only true if they survive all attempts at falsification by deflation (decomposition into constant relations) and measurement (science)

Philosophy is more often a vehicle for lying than for truth. Science produces falsehoods and possibilities, but never claims truth except by survival.

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