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Came across an intriguing contention relative to markets and the disparity between Mengle’s theory of imputation and Adam’s labor theory.

Curiosity has me peering this morning into imputation with one eye on the labor theory (testing binary) in hope to bifurcate my way through if possible, for awhile, and test whether or not claims made by each can reconcile (ternary) with current propertarian positions, and if so, why. If not, why not.

Time constraints may limit me to the basics of imputation theory alone, which is fine.

It is likely that a true binary does not exist of course (never does really), which translates to mean we end up bagging one more carry-along misfit ternary puzzle piece for future resolve.

But the implications so far are heartening.

Not sure if you’ve had the opportunity to perform this test already tho.

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