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By Bill Joslin
The spectrum of autonomy.

Autonomy – agency unimposed upon by another (left alone, the liberty of living on an island with no enemies etc. It’s not liberty, nor sovereignty, but rather autonomy)

Sovereignty – Autonomy insured by force (impositions by another rendered unlikely or impossible)

Liberty – the benefit of Sovereignty (autonomy) extended to those not able to secure autonomy for themselves (autonomy by permission and insurance from a sovereign).

Freedom – accepted limits upon ones liberty (autonomy by permission) in exchange for insurance of autonomy (we agree to obey laws, a limitation on autonomy, to have autonomy insured by a sovereign) – Or “Free within the Domain” Domain or dominion – you are free as long as you remain within the domain of agreed behaviour and within the territory of the sovereign.

Autonomy [proper] -> Autonomy secured [sovereignty]-> Autonomy extended [liberty]->Autonomy Limited [freedom]

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