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The difference between aristocracy (propertarianism), burgherism (liberalism), and peasantry(socialism), is that each starts with a very different value attached to the different choices of cooperation: predation by violence, production by cooperative exchange, flight, boycott and resistance by inclusion or exclusion from the group. Aristocracy begins with the preference for ‘taking it all now’ by violence, and profiting from the domestication of animal man; Burghers (bourgeois) assume the continuous value of trade. And dependents, serfs,slaves, and enemies, seek to circumvent the competition and conflict by demand for redistribution (insurance, and sharing) because for all intents and purposes they are otherwise powerless.

I start from the premise that continuous evolution of man through continuous suppression of inferiorities, and continuous reward for excellences, is the only long term good, and that the strong and productive must have incentive to tolerate the weak and the unproductive.

There is no shortage of humans, but an oversupply.

People are not intrinsically valuable to one another, to mankind, or to the universe. They can only strive to be, and demonstrate that they are, by the evidence of their actions.

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