Consensus Produces Monopolies And Monopolies Fail To Serve Market Demands


We all need mindfulness in a method available to us.

We all need a strategy using methods and resources available to us.

We all need myths(narratives), ideologies (propaganda), philosophies(methods of reasoning), and sciences(methods of measurements) with which to decide how to act to pursue that strategy.

The reason being we marginally indifferent enough to communicate within limits and cooperate within limits.

But we are marginally different in our genetic, social, economic, physical, intellectual, and emotional abilities.

Different enough to require different mindfulness, strategies, and means of surviving, prospering, and enjoying.

So we are left with the problem of cooperating on means, despite different ends, and despite different genetic, social, economic, physical intellectual, and emotional abilities.

And the only way to do so is markets of voluntary reciprocity at every scale from association to production to reproduction to commons to polities to nations.

And the only way to facilitate that is multiple economies slave(prisoner), serf(laborer), freeman(craftsman), citizen(managerial), sovereign(executive).

Because the slave needs direction, the serf security, the craftsman opportunity, the citizen liberty, and the sovereign institutions.

And our folly has been the post enlightenment effort to produce a monopoly economy instead of a monopoly rule of law and a market for economies given the various needs and abilities.

We instinctually pursue consensus and numbers beyond the scale of their utility the same way we extend our perception of ethics, economics, and physics beyond the scale of human perception, and to the point of their failure.

The maximum value of consensus is the law of reciprocity.

Beyond that the maximum value of any given consensus is that which can be achieved by reciprocity.

This is the lesson of the past two centuries.

Tripartism was a western practice because like all else in western civilization it was an empirical observation of existential reality – not a comforting lie.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev Ukraine.

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