Do Women From Ukraine Interested In Dating Indian Men?


Not at all. And If I am honest you will not like the answer at all.

  1. Eastern european women are attracted to traditional masculinity. I had problems as an american because I treat women as equals. It means you’re weak and unreliable. They don’t understand or like it. “Men should be men, and women should be women”. Indian men are considered effeminate (they are also in the west – it’s just not ‘a problem’.). They find turkish men tolerable. But they prefer slavic or german men. The problem is that slavic countries are still recovering from communism, and Ukraine in particular is the only poor ‘white’ country remaining. So their choices are limited. The only eason ukrainian women are not more valued than nordic is that they are too poor to know their value at present. It won’t last long. Furthermore while russian women may be fairly ‘easy’ that is not true of Ukrainian women and it is more true the more west you go. I’m short but fairly good looking, charismatic, and ‘smell like money’ and I had a much harder time seducing Ukrainian women. They use the “N-word” all the time and they consider westerners ridiculous fools at times.
  2. Ukraine in general is, like russia and the baltics, a pretty conservative culture, and they still have ‘face control’ at most clubs. And if you’re not white you might not get in, unless it’s a place that specializes in hookers. (Which is where you will go, because it’s NOT where Ukrainians go).
  3. Sex tourism in ukraine is entirely possible and it’s probably great (I dunno, I met someone within a few days of arriving.) But if you spend any time doing business in hotels the hookers are freaking gorgeous and obvious. Think of it this way. $600–1500 for an evening means she has to ‘work’ once a week at most, in a country where the average salary is $200-$300 a month and she owns her own house and her own cars, and isn’t dependent upon an unreliable man. I have studied the club (i tried to buy one), strip club (I tried to buy one), and prostitution (No interest whatsoever – too much bribery required) business in ukraine.
  4. The bad girls will chew you up and spit you out. (You have no idea.) But the ‘good girls’ are suspicious of foreigners. I was dancing with a very attractive young woman but as soon as she found out I was american she crossed her arms, and walked away. (that’s the ‘nope’ sign and you can’t ignore it without getting beaten up).

That said, I love ukraine, ukrainians and russians, and I am a bit protective of them so I may see the world through that lens.

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