Do You Think That Brazil Can Be In The Same Position That The U.s. Occupies Now? What Is The Future Of Brazil?

Demographically and economically that looks impossible. It is much more likely that the USA will decline to the same condition as we find in Brazil. Why? Demographics.

It doesn’t matter how good your ‘best’ classes are, because your worst classes are far more destructive than your best classes can compensate for. (Really).

The size of the underclass in central and southern america is simply too large for the upper middle and upper classes to compensate for. And by pursuing socialism in the catholic countries, they missed the opportunity to build more advanced economies before the rest of the world neutralized all competitive advantage of having european traditions.

So I see the USA turning into brazil, and brazil turning into India.

Ad the Japanese and Koreans are the only ones working to prevent the same from happening to them.

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