Is It Possible A Racialist Really Knows Anything About Communism?


—-”Is it possible a racialist really knows anything about communism? “—

I bet I know more about both subjects than anyone else you can find. And it’s not even that hard. Communism is a pseudoscientific restatement of Judaism. And it failed like Judaism failed – and Libertarianism, because neither reflects human behavior, and neither constructs commons. And commons are the means by which agrarians defeated the pastoralists in the ancient world. And commons are the means by which industrialists defeated agrarians in the modern world. Yet Judaism, libertarianism, seek to abandon all commons, and communism seeks to abandon all property. Meanwhile social democracy and classical liberalism seek only to compete over the production of dysgenic underclass or a eugenic middle class commons. Classical liberals understand agency and are willing to suppress underclass reproduction to achieve it. Social democrats understand lack of agency and are will to expand underclass reproduction to subsidize it.

As for racial realism, people act racially in all circumstances IF THEY CAN AFFORD TO, or can use it to advance their political power or use it to retain their political power, because political power provides control over the production of commons that advance eugenic, dysgenic, and genetic warfare.

We are no different from any other living organism. We compete on behalf of our genes. We just do a very good job of justifying our actions as moral, rather than warfare on behalf of our genes.

We have done very poorly under a century of marxist pseudoscience: Boaz, Marx, Freud, Cantor, Mises, Rothbard/Rand, Strauss, and the modern fictionalism (outright lying where pseudoscience failed) of it we call Postmodernism.

No more lies. People demonstrate their actions in large numbers and they are measurable. That science says nothing but that we act in our rational genetic and self interest at all times, and all our speech is merely attempts to negotiation an advantage via deception (reciprocity) rather than engage in reciprocal trade – meritocracy.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute

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