Is It Possible To Be Black Then Transform Into A White Person?

Skin color and genetic composition are two different things.

The principle difference between the different races is the degree of neoteny achieved before and during the agrarian phase. It was impossible for people in warm climates to achieve circumpolar degrees of neoteny because neotenic development (extending childhood by limiting maturity) exposes the child to environmental hazards longer. So people with darker skin from warmer climates evolved to mature early and deeply in order to survive (particularly africa, which is very hostile due to pests.)

While animals have white skin, hair and fur are insulators. So to run as we humans do (we are the most efficient runners on earth), required we lose our hair, lose some of our muscle mass, and develop dark skin to compensate. Some groups then redeveloped white skin and it was not that long ago. It’s just ‘preferable’ because it signals neoteny “youth”.

So peoples with darker skin have achieved less neotonic selection. This is really the only difference between races and subraces, other than we all seem to vary in verbal intelligence vs spatial intelligence.

Ergo, you can determine tribal origins from facial features and body structure, and skin color does not seem to affect it.

I have worked on this problem for quite some time. And it’s … politically incorrect. So like many things, research has been suppressed since the second world war. But that said research does exist, and many other nations are not as ‘challenged’ with the truth as westerners are.

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