Target Shooting False Confidence

When shooting (pistol) a moving target, if it’s moving perpendicular to you, and at less than 12′ per second, and it’s wider than the depth of the human torso, then it’s nonsense.

If your target is dashing at 12′ per second, is 12″ wide, and at a 15-30 degree angle, that’s realistic.

if your target is falling and then crawling at 2′ per second and is torso shaped, then that’s realistic.

If your target is shooting BACK at you while moving 6′ or less per second, then that’s realistic.

If your target is behind concealment, at a distance, and firing at you every two or thee seconds, and you are scrambling for cover, while trying to find him, that’s realistic.

If you think there is any cover indoors you’re wrong. There is only concealment indoors. For all intents and purposes, for modern arms, furniture and walls are little more than crepe paper.

Be small, get a shot off, aim a shot, and land that shot. Otherwise be small, and shoot through whatever is in your way.

I mean. I know most of this shooty stuff is entertainment, but lets not get overconfident here. It’s hard to shoot people in close quarters. And it’s easy to be shot in the open.

The modern US military and teaches combined arms. At present no one on earth is anywhere close to americans in combined arms. (Even if only at present.)

But in dirty revolutionary wars, we are talking largely about impeding, destroying, robbing, kidnapping, fire, gasoline, small arms, small numbers, sniping, urban and suburban settings, and utter chaos.

And in that case, night, lots of friends, and lots of ammo, lots of fire, lots of smoke, and lots of planned exit routes.

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