The Consequence Of Monopoly, Lowest Common Denominator, Sex And Lack Of Agency

By Igor Rogov

People without fully developed agency cannot consent to sex, unless the sex is non-reproductive and perfectly safe and also produces no bad feelings on a short or a long run.

Which current law development is aiming toward anyway. Because the law in “all-inclusive society with no borders” has to embrace the lowest common denominator.

Well to the point, there is no age of consent for people with no agency or doubtful/ not fully developed one.

How could it be? Likewise is no consent as such for drunk woman; all sex with her is rape, unless it is done by an eunuch or a lesbian. I perfectly understand the roots of this feminist logic, although the outcomes look bizarre and inhumane.

But if we somehow can pass the exam on our agency and then take control of ourselves, we may say good bye to these roots and weakly proletariat sprouts coming out of them and the ever increasing State authority trying to take care of all this wilted vegetation.

By “we” I mean potentially any human, but in practice – not so many.

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