The Only Hill For Aristocracy To Stand Upon.

The only hill to stand upon is whether we receive in reciprocity the same right to self determination that others demand of us. Either we have the same right to self determination or we are conquered, and the victims of genocide. So, if we are not to receive the same reciprocity – we must separate. To separate we must revolt. To revolt to use war. To use war in the current era does not require we use it against people, but against infrastructure. 3 minutes of air, 3 days of water, 3 hours of power 3 weeks of food, 3 months of stress. It takes 90 days to act. The problem is a leadership that will act to cause a revolution, and a sufficient number of men who will act independently rather than rally (like schoolgirls) to war against infrastructure that makes the pretense of power visible.

There is only one choice: the entire territory, or some part of it. IMO some part of it is preferable. And a part of it with ports, it’s own electrical grid, and a low cost of defense is the best place to start (texas).

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