What Are The �?worst� Traits Of Democrats And Of Republicans If There Are Such?


â??-â?What are the â??worstâ? traits of Democrats and of Republicans if there are such?â?â??

Liberals lie constantly, because that is the purpose of marxism, socialism, and postmodernism – falsehood by gossip (reality by chanting). So they employ pseudoscience (Marx, Boaz, Freud) and pseudo rationalism (the french postmodernists). And they shout down and suppress the truth (thatâ??s what political correctness means : â??denialâ??. Pseudoscience.

Conservatives canâ??t tell the truth – itâ??s antithetical to democratic polities. Conservatism is purely empirical. Purely market. Purely meritocratic. So they talk around the truth and are prisoners of â??traditional moral languageâ??.

Why? Liberalism is the feminine reproductive strategy and dysgenic, and conservatism is the masculine reproductive strategy and eugenic.

There is a very good reason why western people evolved so much faster than all the rest despite being farther behind.

Less femininity. More competition. More disruption of the status quo. Less sentimentality. More truth and reason. More technology. More science.

Why? Women gossip and undermine, everywhere, all the time. Constantly.

Itâ??s been illegal for women to gossip, shame and rally (theyâ??re called â??scoldsâ??) for most of western history. Yet, all they do when given the opportunity is gossip everyone to the bottom. What percent of media personnel do anything other than gossip? And who pays for advertising containing gossip? And who spends money because of that advertising gossip?

Thatâ??s the lesson of having women the voting pool.

Liberals are female minds demonstrating female behavior, for female ends, because of female reproductive strategies.

Yep. Do the research. Thatâ??s the answer.

The greatest crime in history was letting pandora out of the box.


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