What’s An Example Of An Internet Website Of The Russians That Influenced Americans Voting?

a) As far as I know there is no evidence of Russia having any effect on voting in the past election.

b) As far as I know the alt-right had some (minor) effect on the election by ‘exciting’ conservatives to vote in large numbers.

c) As far as I know the reason for the out come of the last election was overconfidence on the left, and extremely high agitation on the right, plus the formerly democratic ‘germanic’ states turned conservative, because of the economy – people generally vote the economy. (see the Myth of the Rational Voter.)

d) As far as I know direct evidence of russian activity was limited to a small number of advertisements on Facebook,

e) As far as I know russia continues the communist era tradition of paying fringe ‘intellectuals’ to produce favorable propaganda.

f) As far as I know Russian RT produces propaganda for world consumption, and it’s targets are most often conservative english speakers including americans.

g) Russian propagandism has ALWAYS existed – although less than American interference in Russia (and everyone else for that matter). As far as I know, 70% of Russian intelligence budget still go to direct ‘encouragement’ of propaganda and sedition through ‘petty and pliable intellectuals, pseudo intellectuals, and activists.’

f) as far as I know the leak of the corruption by the democratic party was paid for by Russian intelligence, and that is why the young jewish ‘leaker’ was murdered in rather typical Russian style – meaning: made to look like a convenient accident.

It’s my job to weed out pseudoscience and other nonsense and I have more than trivial knowledge of how intelligence services operate, and as far as I know all that is going on is that the democrats cannot accept their blame for running a terrible candidate, and overestimating their draw.


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