Why Are White People So Much More Sociopathic-leaning (not Sociopathic) Than Asian People?

Westerners have evolved and selected for greater detachment than others – including low context language and thought – at least in the north. And it certainly appears that this behavior predates the indo european expansion. (really). There are a number of arguments why, which all make sense but we need more research. All we know is that at present it appears to be true. My suspicion is that it was an existing trait that was reinforced by metalsmithing (the first western myth), western battle tactics, upward distribution of reproduction, and the near replacement of conquered peoples by those with such tendencies. Asian branched earlier, and westerners either later or iteratively. So asian neoteny is farther along, but possibly from earlier “version”. European neoteny is a bit less, and from a later branch. My understanding at the moment is the rather obvious: asian engineers and accountants vs white lawyers and entrepreneurs. We are quite compatible above our working classes.


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