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You know, predators vary dramatically but most that are successful are in the 15% range. Predators in packs dramatically increase their hit rate. Wolves are hard to measure today but they’re in the 15-20% range. Surprisingly domestic cats are freaking death machines, and are so successful that they don’t even eat a third of their kills.

Surprisingly, but obvious if you give it some thought, afaik the hit rate for the wild dogs of africa is around 85%. They are freaking amazing hunters in packs. The problem is that they can’t defend it, and lose something like half of their kills to bigger predators.

Now, the thing that always strikes me about cats and dogs and wolves, is that we are all ‘friends’ so to speak.

I’m trying to find any reasonable data on human hunting success rates in history, but the problem is that we expanded so fast into increasingly foreign territories that it sure looks like (from the extinction rates) it was, like cats, and packs of dogs and wolves, a pretty high success rate.

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