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Interpersonal racism is just stupid, because one cannot judge an individual by the properties of a class.

Policial racism is simply empirical since by and large people vote by race, and increasingly do so, just as they demonstrate kin selection under pressure, and live, work, mate, and marry within very few degrees of kinship.

Race realism is just not falling subject to postmodern pseudoscientific denialism that there are vast differences in the SIZE OF THE CLASSES and the degrees of neotonic development of the races, subraces, tribes, and clans.
And that the principle problem is that some groups (west europeans and east asians have been more successful at reducing the sizes of their underclasses and increasing neotonic development of their races and subraces, tribes and clans.

The principle difference between groups is largely regional differences in demand for neotonic selection, and the pressures of various forms of agrarianism or manorialism that suppressed reproductive rates of the underclasses under harsh winter conditions.

Groups still act as groups and we always will.

Look at india, north-africa-arabia-levant-mesopotamia, and brazil if not all of south america. Genes matter, principally because the lower classes are far more of a drag than upper and middle classes can mobilize. Every person at the bottom is six times as bad as every person at the top is valuable.


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