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by James Santagata

Google was / is a one-trick pony, search — but it is a god-damn good fucking pony at that!!

It was basically developed by having Michael Moritz trick his earlier investment, Yahoo! to outsource a $100M USD deal to let Google do the search.

The NSA / CIA / Qtel, kicked in the start up money and then as Yahoo abandoned search and tried to be a Portal and then a Vortal, Google ripped off the GoTo.com / Overture patent (key word buys / auction related to click throughs), bought DoubleClick and rebuilt it, and stumble onto Applied Semantics key acquisiton.

Everything since all acquired. Overture patent stolen, Double click, Applied Semantics, Keyhole (Google Earth), Android, Youtube, etc. all the internal projects – DOA. Orkut for social networks, Google video, Google check out, etc. etc. oh, Google Wave.

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