White features, like East Asian features, are due to paedomorphic selection (read about it). Largely by decreasing testosterone, it appears. Which is also how we domesticate and produce paedomorphic traits in domesticated animals.

The difference is that east asians evolved from an earlier branch out of africa, and progressed even farther (hence reduced sexual development) and migrated from the south while whites evolved (apparently) either from a later group, a different group, or as the product of groups interacting between africa, the levant, and europe, causing greater competition than was available in east asia.

White people do not come from Neanderthals. A very small number of West Eurasians PRIOR TO BEING WHITE reproduced with Neanderthals – and most likely in the Levant.

White skin developed around 20K years ago, and Neanderthals were extinct long before that. White people in their current condition developed sometime before the indo european expansion (the inventors of Horse, Chariot, and Bronze) around 4000BC, and likely in the european plain between poland and european russia (the urals) in that borderland that is now Ukraine.

1 – West Asian europeans with darker skin were exterminated in europe.
2 – White people with black hair were almost exterminated in europe.
3 – White people with brown eyes were partly exterminated in northern europe.

In other words, (the data from last year confirms) the Yamna expansion appears to have not been one of continuous integration, but outright replacement.

Whites – at least northern european whites (North Sea) – are super-predators, even among humans. Which is why everyone fears them. (See Hansen). Probably because of our relatively high detachment compared to other genetic groups. (Which accounts for certain psychological benefits and defects common in Europeans: psychopathy and neuroticism in the extremes.) The only people close to europeans in evolutionary progress are east asians and they have lower verbal acuity in exchange for higher non verbal acuity. (We tend to think of the japanese as at least equals – and that is ‘rare’.)

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine

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