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OLIGARCHY DOESN”T MATTER. ALL DISCRETIONARY RULE IS BAD. NOMOCRACY: the distributed dictatorship of sovereign warriors.

I don’t think a constitutional oligarchy matters – it might be good. it’s not as good as a constitutional monarchy. The problems are (a) democracy (b) freedom of false speech, (c) ability to circumvent of rule of law of reciprocity due to the frailty of the constitution, (d) the loss of universal standing in matters of the commons (we can’t sue politicians and bureaucrats), (e) we have no mechanism for evolving necessary monopoly bureaucracy into competitive private organizations once institutionalized (habituated). (f) the failure to modernize the fiat money system for direct distribution of liquidity to consumers rather than through credit in the financial system. (g) it has been possible to forcibly ‘convert’ the population from the nuclear family and civic responsibility, and immigrate the underclasses the country was designed to escape from (not to mention the civil rights acts, and the civil war) which caused forced integration).

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