During the early 20th c educators intentionally ‘dumbed down’ education, and ‘marketers’ and the movements of the 1960’s did so further. The purpose was to give the lower middle, working, and underclasses greater confidence – and to do so for a reason. Overconfidence and overestimation of ones abilities and knowledge is an american marxist-postmodern trait.

At about 30 points we are incapable of commensurable communication, Every 15 points requires re-translation. And that is ALWAYS true EVERYWHERE in every discipline, and always has been. Ideas across the world flow downward from the fraction of one percent and are tested and succeed or fail in criticism, experiment and implementation.

So while some of us still aspire to, and frankly, require, 19th century grammar, as does any technical discipline, we are asked to write to 6th grade education in public.

Meanwhile postmodern drivel is published and ignored in volume in sociology, psychology, literature. And no one complains about it. Precisely because it has no material value, or coercive political power. While Logical, empirical, operational, and reciprocal, does.

I mean, I read just about every paper on physics, economics, and social science that comes out and makes the rounds, and the average idiot seems to think that we can express technical ideals outside the dominant paradigm in the common language of marketing to peasants and the room temperature IQ crowd. It’s not possible.

One of the great disasters is the disconnect between physics and mathematical physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, and computer science, and the metaphysical, psychological, sociological, legal, and political. THe former continue the scientific enlightenment., THe latter are expressly trying to resist and reverse it, just as did the French, Germans, and Ashkenazi. And just as the entire postwar world has tried – forcing what’s left of aristocratic civilization to drag them kicking and screaming out of superstition, ignorance, poverty, starvation, disease, tyranny, and the vicissitudes of a nature that is hostile to expensive life forms (us).

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