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by James Santagata

Google’s in for a wild-ride….

1. Class action lawsuit by conservative men claiming discrimination partly by claiming women engineers are not as good as male engineers. Google counter claims they are just as good if not better than males (they have stated that).

Which leads to #2..

2. Class action lawsuit by women engineers based on the fact that they are far underpaid what the male engineers make and that Google itself has said in #1 above the the women are just as good or better.

3. Caving in to Chinese Govt and letting Chinese market go — the market share lost is not just market share lost but revenues and those revenues are ammunition, now being accumulated by the Chinese Internet Giants. They are getting better and more internationalized management and they are looking beyond their markets. Jack Ma is just the most visible.

4. Continuing click fraud issues.

and….. wait for it….

5. Google deemed either a monopoly and broken up with the Sherman Act or categorized as a utility and managed as such – think your local gas company or first broken up as a monopoly and then the remnants of import, categorized as a utility.

The one thing in Google’s favor is that is it Deep State Funded, so the NSA, CIA and others will go to bat for Google to prevent any breakup that would stop their one-stop, real time data and packet feeds from Google as well as the 360 degree profiles provided.

On the side of the Anti-Deep State looking to dismantle it.

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