American Nationalists: In Secession, The Whole Pie Is Undesirable.

1 – It is undesirable to hold the entire continent.

2 – it is undesirable to retain much of our own kind if they are underdeveloped and under-evolved (leftists/feminists/betas). (The aristocratic process of domesticating the underclasses in to Agency was incomplete.)

3 – It is entirely achievable to cause the breakup of the federal government in to regions with different ‘markets’ for participation, while preserving the insurer of last resort, in treasury, military, and judiciary of property.

4 – We have always been a minority and we are better and stronger bound with competitors. This is the result of aristocracy: the continuation of our ancestral industry of profiting from the domestication of animal man. European aristocratic classes were always small in number. Europeans have been small in number. Those of use who were created by that eugenic process are small in number.

5 – We are better off letting the less civilized people (and their genes) decline into arabia, brazil, india, and the steppe, and profiting from our differences.

6 – No civilization in history is as fragile as the american empire and it can be radically altered for our benefit in less than a year. There are no farms to return to. There are not enough soldiers to occupy. All that prevents success is attempting to (a) take the whole territory, (b) attempting to take the whole of our kin. Many of those kin are dead weight.

7 – Revolte. Separate. Build walls. Keep them out. The Chinese, Koreans, and Han hold the best external group evolutionary strategy even if we hold the best internal group evolutionary strategy. The urals and the bosphorus were not enough to protect us.

8 – Western (aristocratic) civilization is not replaceable. It was unique. A fortunate accident. And we dragged humanity out of ignorance, poverty, superstition, disease, starvation, and tyranny in just a few centuries in the ancient and modern worlds.

9 – We can rule the planet if we return to our native industrial specialization.

10 – and drag mankind behind us to ambitions we have not yet dreamed of.

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