Do You Think Donald Trump Will Get A Second Term? What Will Be His Primary Platform?


People vote the economy. Always.
It is very hard at this point to argue with the Trump Economy.
That is what he will run on. And he will continue to run against the media.

And the more they attack him the stronger he looks to his base by confirming their opinions.
If he gets the wall done his base will stick with him. His base has not departed.

About 30% of people demonstrate equalitarianism no matter what. (particularly single women and the underclasses). About 30% demonstrate Aristocracy (meritocracy) – what we call conservatism. The rest of the population always votes the economy. So it only matters, by the time they get to the voting both, what they think of the economy.

So watch the economies of the swing states.

(FWIW: I still put our chances of civil war over the next election above 20%. Trump bought time. But it’s going to happen either way.)

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