I Hate Racism And Denialism Is Just More Of It

I thought racism was a stereotype, and that stereotypes were the most accurate measure in the social sciences, if not the ONLY accurate measure in the social sciences. (It is).

I thought that median distributions of behaviors varied dramatically between races, subraces, classes, and genders, and that stereotypes were accuate measurements of such because they are almost impossible to change due to constant exposure to evidence.

I thought that the Marxists Postmodernists who have engaged in this pseudoscientific nonsense that there are no differences between genders, classes, subraces, and races were trained in pseudoscience, and didn’t hold STEM degrees or demonstrate scientific testimony.

Denial is just another form of lying.
Pseudoscience is just another false religion.

It’s stupid to treat individuals by the properties of a class. It is stupid to treat a class by the properties of an individual. It is sensible to treat a class by the properties of a class. It is sensible to treat and individual by the properties of the individual.

I absolutely hate racism – and the one way to insure it is to deny our differences. Because it prevents us from dealing with the fact that it is not RACES that matter but the sizes of the middle and UNDERCLASSES in each of the races relative to host populations that matters. The upper classes and upper middle classes all get along fine – we are all Aristotelians, Anglo Rule of Law, and Mengerian Economists out of necessity in the preservation of our roles.

And please stop hating on white people. We did drag all your ignorant, superstitious, impulsive, hard-laboring, impoverished, starving, diseased, and violent races, subraces, tribes, clans and families, out of your no less than five thousand years of primitivism against your will – all the while, kicking and screaming and complaining like you are now. And all your pseudoscientific pseudo-rational revisionist historicism can never change that fact. Be grateful. We don’t even want your appreciation. Just stop lying.

It’s really, really, simple.

You were not oppressed.

You had failed.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine

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