Is Socialism Always Authoritarian? Could Capitalism Be Authoritarian? If So, What Is An Example Of Authoritarian Capitalism?

You are, as is common, due to ‘suggestion’ (deception) by false dichotomy, falling prey to the wrong question. the question is do you want rule of law resulting in markets, or rule by discretion (command), resulting in the absence of markets.

The answer is, that the contemporary fantasy is that we should maximize our abiity to extract taxation in order to maximize redistsribution. This is good for dysgenic families and individuals. The opposite proosal is to minimize taxation and redistribution, and fund eugenic (meritocratic) families and individuals.

The free riders (the majority) that do not compete in the market but join large organizations whether private, semi-private, or public, and those who ‘talk for a living’ meaning teachers, academics, media, and politicians, can use democracy to extract from eugenic families and productive individuals in order to fund dysgenic families and unproductive, parasitic, and predatory individuals.

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